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Before You Buy a Skid Steer

Buying a skid steer will take a lot of thinking through because there are a lot of things to consider. One of the biggest questions is regarding which brand of skid steer to buy. While there are only a handful of manufacturers who manufacture skid steers, it is still hard to choose which one to get. This problem was encountered by Bubba, who later posted a thread in the Heavy Equipment forum asking people what they think is the best skid steer brand and why.  The forum members mentioned numerous brands like Bobcat, Case, and CAT. Bobcat was the most popular choice for most forum members and recommended various models from them. It looks like the second most popular are the skid steers made by Case, and while there are people who liked CAT skid steers, there are some forum members who said to not get CAT because of the problems they encountered with this brand.

Before you buy a skid steer, you should also be aware that this equipment is capable of getting attachments like the boom attachment. If you like to know what boom attachments are, then you can head over to Miller forums for the skid steer boom attachment thread that Blackroc started. Blackroc showed seven pictures of the boom attachment which his skid steer has. This sparked interest in other Miller forum members and they discussed what the boom attachments can do. One forum member asked if it was true that if you install a boom attachment in the skid steer, it will be able to carry a 500 lb weight. Blackroc confirmed that a skid steer can carry a 500lbs weight without lifting the rear wheel. He just said that the skid steer should move slowly.

You should also consider training on how to properly use a skid steer. Like Dean Ross wrote in her article entitled: “Minimize Skid Steer Risk Through Training”, using a skid steer can prove to be dangerous for both the operator and everyone around them if the machine is not handled properly. The operator should have an understanding about all the potential dangers of operating a skid steer, because it can easily cause damage to property and in worse cases, even harm people. Therefore, a responsible operator of a skid steer should always read the manual before attempting to operate a skid steer even if he already has operated a skid steer before, as different models will sometimes have different features. It will be best to get training from a professional or specialist to ensure that safety procedures are followed when operating a skid steer.

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