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Skid Steers in the News

  • How To Operate A Bobcat Loader To Remove Snow

    What’s the easiest way to clear the snow off your property? Do you dig it with a shovel? It will take you several hours just to finish removing snow that way. According to Room4MoreEnterprises, you should use a skid steer to clear the snow.  If you are interested on how to remove snow using a skid steer, then you should watch the video here.
  • Another Skid Steer Thief Caught!

    Cory Devoid was caught by the Grand Forks Sheriff driving a stolen pickup. The pickup was towing a trailer with a Skid steer, which also was stolen. Devoid already had a suspended driver’s license and three outstanding arrest warrants when he was caught red-handed. Find out more by reading the Herald staff’s article which can be found here.
  • Police Blotter Reports Stolen Skid Steer Part

    The Caledonia Police Department receives reports of someone using another person’s credit card in a shopping spree all the time. However, a recent police blotter included a skid steer part being stolen off a Case 1845C skid steer. You can find out more about this case and others like it in the Caledonia Police Department in Denise Lockwood’s article here.
  • Summary of Posts: August 24th 2014

    Another informative week has passed by and we continue working with our beloved skid steer. It’s just amazing how many things we can discover from this little beast of a machine. Here is a look back at the topics we discussed this week. We learned from the article at that Terex Construction will be supplying eight new skid steers to Takeuchi Manufacturing. We heard from the different forum members at that most people recommend getting a skid steer because they are designed to work in tighter spots and are able to take more punishment than a 4x4 tractor. The Steinbach...
  • Skid Steers Ain’t Cheap

    Everyone knows by now how useful skid steers are. They can be used for almost any task that requires lifting heavy weights or carrying things. They are agile and small enough to be used in tight spaces. All of this, plus more, adds to the value of a skid steer. It’s no wonder skid steers have a premium price. Whether buying a new skid steer, a used skid steer, or even renting one, expect to pay a hefty amount. The price of the skid steer has made it one of the favorite things that thieves steal in a construction yard...
  • New JCB Skid Steers Debut in the Middle East

    For the release of their 17 new skid steer and track loader models in the Middle East, JCB has chosen one company - the InterMat Middle East. The new skid steers are said to be the safest ever made, and they are slowly being marketed in other parts of the world. It is now Middle East’s chance to try out these amazing skid steers. Find out more by reading Stephen White’s article here.
  • The Red Skid Steer Is Sold!

    Remember the red Case skid steer that was being auctioned to benefit the FFA? It is now officially sold to one lucky owner who bought it for a whopping $77,000. The red Case skid steer was called “Red Power” because it’s one of a kind with tons of features not available on a standard model. Find out what happened at the auction by reading the article written by Courtney Leeper.
  • Stolen!

    The police in Steinbach are asking the community to help them find the stolen heavy equipment from Hillside Construction. According to the police report, there were three pieces of heavy equipment stolen between October 6th and October 9th of this year, including a skid steer. If you have any information regarding this theft or if you want to know more about the stolen equipment, please call the numbers, which can be found in the article written for
  • Summary of Posts: August 10th 2014

    This has been another very informative week for every skid steer lover out there; we have discussed some very interesting topics. Here is a summary of everything that we discussed for this week: We learned that the thieves who stole 3 Bobcats are still at large in the article “Hillsborough Deputies Look for Stolen Bobcat Utility Loaders.” The article “New Generation Skid Steers Offer Unique Safety Features” lists the new skid steers from JCB along with the specs of each one. The article “Skid Steer Training – Another Important Skill” explains why skid steer operators should make sure they get...
  • Hillsborough Deputies Look for Stolen Bobcat Utility Loaders

    The search for the stolen Bobcat skid steer continues; according to Jessica Vander Velde’s article, the skid steer was priced at $10,000 per piece and had been stolen from the dealer’s shop in east Hillsborough County. There are some leads, but the thieves remain loose. Read the full coverage of the Tampa Bay Times story by Jessica Vander Velde here.

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