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Skid Steers

  • How Much Does a Skid Steer Weigh

    Looking to learn more about the weight ranges of skid steers?  Join us as we answer the question, how much does a skid steer weigh? Of course that question has a range of correct answers, but let’s go from lightest to heaviest and check them out! Mini Skid Steers such as the Vermeer CTX50 can weigh in as low as 2,000 pounds or so. The weights go up from there - even in the mini category. The Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Skid Steer weighs 2,418 pounds. The Bobcat MT55 mini skid steer weighs in at 2,610 pounds. Bobcat makes the...
  • A Landscaper's Best Friend - The Mini Skid Steer

    What is the obvious difference between a regular skid steer and mini skid steer? You guessed it, the mini skid steer is about half the size. Typically a mini skid steer has a width around 40 inches. Its narrow width and low clearance give this machine the ability to get through tight spaces in order to get to the the job site. Examples of this may be excavation work in the back yard of a city lot, or tearing out an old concrete floor in a small garage. They are also used a quite a bit for demolition work inside...
  • Maintenance Series 4 - Hydraulic Maintenance

    Maintenance Series 4, 4/20/2016 Hydraulic Maintenance We’ve covered your skid steer moving from the bottom up. Now let’s take a look at the hydraulic system. As before, if you are not familiar with your system, always check with a professional or your local dealer. Dig out your owner’s manual and familiarize yourself with the system and the maintenance of it. These two steps could save you time and money. If you still want to give it a shot here are some important points to follow. Again, it would be great to get out your owner’s manual. There are a number...
  • Yard Work And Snow Removal Made Easy

    Some people think that yard and lawn work is easy, only to find out that they bit off more than they can chew. Yard work is time consuming depending on what needs to be done. Things like clearing snow and spreading gravel on the driveway can be very time-consuming and not to mention, hard work when using the conventional way of shoveling. Shoveling is a good way to get exercise; however, most people do not have the time to spend several hours just to finish these jobs. To make the job easier, there are two videos that show how to...
  • How To Operate A Bobcat Loader To Remove Snow

    What’s the easiest way to clear the snow off your property? Do you dig it with a shovel? It will take you several hours just to finish removing snow that way. According to Room4MoreEnterprises, you should use a skid steer to clear the snow.  If you are interested on how to remove snow using a skid steer, then you should watch the video here.
  • The Real Jack of All trades

    People say that the skid steer is the jack of all trades when it comes to heavy equipment, due to the number of jobs that it can do. On its own, the skid steers are functional to be used for a variety of jobs. However, because they can be installed with different attachments, the number of jobs that the skid steer is capable of handling is even bigger. Keith Gribbins even compared the skid steer to the movie Transformers in which the robots can transform into different vehicles in his article “Skid Steers Are the Stars of the Compact Equipment...
  • Summary of Posts: October 8th 2014

    We reach the end of another week. Before we continue further with more discussion about skid steers, we will look back and review at the topics we recently discussed. Here they are: We read some of the reasons why more companies are using skid steers despite the fact that they are an expensive investment to get in the article written by Curt Bennink. We were taught how to operate a skid steer and learned some tips and warnings of what we should and should not do. We found out that Bobcat would be releasing several skid steer models which will replace their...
  • Skid Steer Meets Box Plow

    The winter season is approaching once again. In the next few months, one of the things that most people will begin to do is to plow the snow from the roads so that cars can travel safely. For people who want to move large piles of snow quickly, Matthew Price talks about the ways to do it using skid steers! Find out why he recommends this tool in the article here.
  • Making Skid Steers Better

    Skid steers are already great pieces of equipment. There is so much they can do despite their small size. However, people want more improvement in what they can do. There are already many attachments that can change the function of a skid steer. You can make a skid steer cut trees, dig soil, remove rocks, carry heavy objects, and more. Nevertheless, there are still so many improvements that can be given to this amazing equipment. Michelin has thought of an upgrade which can make skid steers better. They designed a Tweel, which is basically a tire and wheel assembly which doesn’t...
  • Smaller Skid Steers Doing Good

    The smaller skid steer loaders have added a few modifications to add to their versatility and usability. They have added couplers, attachments or added features from the larger members of their family. With rentals becoming more popular than the purchases, this smaller loader market is slowly rising. Sean Bifani, project manager at Mustang, sees an economic growth which promises a very bright future. For more on this, read the full article on

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