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Choosing a Skid Steer

  • How Much Does a Skid Steer Weigh

    Looking to learn more about the weight ranges of skid steers?  Join us as we answer the question, how much does a skid steer weigh? Of course that question has a range of correct answers, but let’s go from lightest to heaviest and check them out! Mini Skid Steers such as the Vermeer CTX50 can weigh in as low as 2,000 pounds or so. The weights go up from there - even in the mini category. The Ditch Witch SK600 Mini Skid Steer weighs 2,418 pounds. The Bobcat MT55 mini skid steer weighs in at 2,610 pounds. Bobcat makes the...
  • I Want A Skid Steer!

    People who either have a farm or construction firm will definitely find skid steers useful in many ways. They are one of the most welcome additions whenever there is stuff that needs to be carried which is too difficult (if not impossible) to do manually. The skid steer’s small frame and excellent maneuverability makes it one of the most versatile devices for carrying out various tasks. If you are one of those thinking of buying a skid steer for the first time to help you in your work, then there are 8 questions that can help you decide which skid...
  • Choosing a Skid Steer Loader

    If you want to buy a skid steer, then you will have a lot of decisions to make because skid steers are not cheap, and consequently, you’ll have to make sure that the skid steer you buy is just the right one you need. Choosing a bigger or smaller skid steer than the one you really need will be a big waste of money. If you need help deciding how to buy skid steer, then read this article by Laurie Bedord as she discusses 8 tips that will help you choose the right skid steer.
  • Summary of Posts: April 22nd 2014

    This week we have discussed the following topics: Before using any equipment, including skid steers, you should read the instructions from the manual and be familiar with the equipment’s safety features and controls. eHow contributor Keith Allen discusses other skid steer safety measures to be considered. Skid steers are not limited to only one function. In fact, they can be considered as a “jack-of-all-trades.” Find out the many uses of a skid steer  to make the most of this equipment. Before you buy a skid steer, you should know the basic information about this piece of equipment and how to...
  • Before You Buy a Skid Steer

    Buying a skid steer will take a lot of thinking through because there are a lot of things to consider. One of the biggest questions is regarding which brand of skid steer to buy. While there are only a handful of manufacturers who manufacture skid steers, it is still hard to choose which one to get. This problem was encountered by Bubba, who later posted a thread in the Heavy Equipment forum asking people what they think is the best skid steer brand and why.  The forum members mentioned numerous brands like Bobcat, Case, and CAT. Bobcat was the most...
  • The Search for the Best Skid Steer

    For anyone looking for a skid steer but not knowing which brand to buy, the forum members of Heavy Equipment Forums have discussed this topic and recommended some brands, and gave their thoughts on why the said manufacturers were good choices. The forum thread was started by Bubba, who wants to buy a skid steer and wanted to find out what others think is best in terms of initial cost, maintenance cost, and the downtime of skid steers. If you are like Bubba, you probably would get some novel and helpful ideas from this forum thread.
  • Choosing Your Skid Steer

    We all know that there are many skid steer uses.  They are not just used for moving building materials - there are a lot of other uses outside the construction site, too.  Choosing a skid steer is not an easy decision as they don't usually come cheap. You need to decide on many things when buying a skid steer like whether you should buy a mini skid steer or a regular skid steer. When choosing between a regular sized skid steer and a mini sized one, D. Swain explains why a mini skid steer is sometimes a better choice. In his...
  • Buying a Quality Used Skid Steer

    If you are planning to buy a skid steer any time soon, but have no idea what to look for or how to choose one, Artgib wrote a guide on what to look for and check before buying a skid steer.  Artgib describes basic information about what a skid steer is and then guides the reader in buying their own.  Artgib's article on Buying a Quality Used Skid Steer will be helpful for anyone who wants to know whether they should buy a brand new skid steer or buy a used one, and explains the reason why it will be...
  • Choosing the Best Skid Steer

    Skid steers come in many different sizes. The size directly influences the way that particular machine can be used. While a smaller loader is the better choice for landscaping a house’s backyard, a larger one is needed for road building and other jobs involving heavy lifting. A clear knowledge on the limitations of a specific skid steer with regard to its size will help you determine which one is the best for you. Greg Rostberg provides valuable information on the diverse uses of the various skid steers.

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