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Skidsteers Blog

  • Summary of Posts: October 8th 2014

    We reach the end of another week. Before we continue further with more discussion about skid steers, we will look back and review at the topics we recently discussed. Here they are: We read some of the reasons why more companies are using skid steers despite the fact that they are an expensive investment to get in the article written by Curt Bennink. We were taught how to operate a skid steer and learned some tips and warnings of what we should and should not do. We found out that Bobcat would be releasing several skid steer models which will replace their...
  • Tweeling

    Michelin has good news for all skid steer owners. The highly acclaimed Tweels are now available for any size skid steer. For those of you who don’t know, Tweel tires don’t use air; therefore, they have no chance of going flat. For more information on Tweels for skid steers, read the article found here.
  • Skid Steer Meets Box Plow

    The winter season is approaching once again. In the next few months, one of the things that most people will begin to do is to plow the snow from the roads so that cars can travel safely. For people who want to move large piles of snow quickly, Matthew Price talks about the ways to do it using skid steers! Find out why he recommends this tool in the article here.
  • Setting a New Standard

    The new skid steers from JCB are indeed news makers. Even several weeks after their release, people are still talking about them. This time, more information is available since more people have tried and tested them. Just recently, Peter Madigan discussed some of the benefits people can expect if they use the new  skid steers from JCB. You can read the full article from  JCB Construction Equipment Australia here.
  • Making Bobcat Skid Steers Better

    The K-series skid steers from bobcat will be replaced with improved skid steer models, the Bobcat 500 or the M-series. The M-Series have better features than the old K-Series for Bobcat which add more to their  value and usage. Find out what these Bobcat 500 skid steers are all about in this Construction Equipment article, found here.
  • Another Skid Steer Thief Caught!

    Cory Devoid was caught by the Grand Forks Sheriff driving a stolen pickup. The pickup was towing a trailer with a Skid steer, which also was stolen. Devoid already had a suspended driver’s license and three outstanding arrest warrants when he was caught red-handed. Find out more by reading the Herald staff’s article which can be found here.
  • Police Blotter Reports Stolen Skid Steer Part

    The Caledonia Police Department receives reports of someone using another person’s credit card in a shopping spree all the time. However, a recent police blotter included a skid steer part being stolen off a Case 1845C skid steer. You can find out more about this case and others like it in the Caledonia Police Department in Denise Lockwood’s article here.
  • Making Skid Steers Better

    Skid steers are already great pieces of equipment. There is so much they can do despite their small size. However, people want more improvement in what they can do. There are already many attachments that can change the function of a skid steer. You can make a skid steer cut trees, dig soil, remove rocks, carry heavy objects, and more. Nevertheless, there are still so many improvements that can be given to this amazing equipment. Michelin has thought of an upgrade which can make skid steers better. They designed a Tweel, which is basically a tire and wheel assembly which doesn’t...
  • Summary of Posts: September 24th 2014

    It is the time once again to look back at everything that we learned about skid steers and how they help us change our lives by making our work a lot easier. Here are some of the highlights of the topics we talked about this week: Michelin is releasing their Tweel, a tire which can never be flat because it uses no air, available for wheeled skid steers of all sizes. We read many reasons why JCB is proud of their new skid steer models as they enumerate the reasons why they are safer and better compared to the ones...
  • New M-Series Line of Skid Steers

    Skid steers are not only needed for construction activities but also can be easily modified with a number of helpful tools. With the increasing need for these machines in the market, skid steer manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with newer models with enhanced features and more usability. Bobcat Company, a leading skid steers manufacturer, tells about the latest M-Series line of skid steers loaders. The latest design provides the operator a better view of the work area; has reduced the noise and vibration and the seat is more adjustable to accommodate people with varying sizes. Read the entire...

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