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Summary of Posts: July 26th 2014

Another interesting week has come to an end. We have read some interesting information about skid steers and seen some videos of skid steers in action. Here are some highlights of everything that has happened this week:

We learned some important security tips which will help us protect our skid steers from thieves in the article “10 Skid Steer Security Tips: The Jobsite Thief's Favorite Tool.”

We learned how to remove a tree stump from the ground by using tools like skid steers, stump grinders, and others in the article “Removing Tree Stumps.”

We learned how to properly grade our property to avoid flooding in our basements in the article “Grading/Soil Types.”

Finally, we watched how to spread gravel over the ground using skid steers in the video “Skid Steer Spreading Driveway Gravel” by letsdig18.


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