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Summary of Posts: May 14th 2014

This week, we discussed the following topics regarding skid steers:

In the Combine Forum, we learned in a thread that was started by Brad62 that while skid steers can be used as a rock picker, there is one big fault that makes it not a good choice for picking rocks and that is visibility.

We also learned on The Heavy Equipment Forums, in a thread titled “Water Well Drilling Using a Skid Steer” which was started by tmc_31 that a skid steer do not have enough power to handle any kind of attachment which will allow it to dig a well, as drilling equipment needs more power and weight than a skid steer.

Hshfarms asked in the thread he started in the The Combine Forums which they think is the best threaded skid steer and based on the answers, the skid steer made by CAT was the favorite among the forum members.

We watched in a video uploaded by dannyscam on YouTube how to make an attachment for a skid steer in his video “How to: Make A Skid Steer Attachment.”

We also watch a video of a display of the skid steer’s balance as the driver can easily spin a skid steer on just two wheels in the video uploaded by Eugistar in YouTube entitled “the dance of skid steer loaders LOCUS.”

Finally, we read an article about some things a skid steer can and cannot do that is outside of its original design. The article titled “Can Skid Steers Do this?”  wraps ups the discussion of our skid steers this week.

Commentary this week, click here

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