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Summary of Posts: October 8th 2014

We reach the end of another week. Before we continue further with more discussion about skid steers, we will look back and review at the topics we recently discussed. Here they are:

We read some of the reasons why more companies are using skid steers despite the fact that they are an expensive investment to get in the article written by Curt Bennink.

We were taught how to operate a skid steer and learned some tips and warnings of what we should and should not do.

We found out that Bobcat would be releasing several skid steer models which will replace their k- series skid steers from the article written by the TLC staff.

We watched a video which compared a skid steer loader and a pivot steer loader. We learned that both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

We found out about the skid steers that Volvo is selling in the YouTube video. The video showed us some of the models they have and explained the features that make them special.

We read a commentary which asked if skid steers are the best option for every business.

Lastly, we learned from the article “Skid Steer Meets Box Plow” that skid steers can be used to get rid of snow quickly and effectively by attaching a large pusher in the skid steer.

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