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Summary of Posts: September 10th 2014

Skid steers are safe machines as long as they are handled by trained operators. With the immensely rising need of skid steer loaders in the market, manufacturers like Bobcat are introducing enhanced models with better functions and more versatile features. Following is a brief overview of the topics we covered this week:

With the rising need for skid steer loaders, new M-series line of skid steer machines are being launched by Bobcat Company. With enhanced features and reduced noise pollution, these machines appear to be very promising. Read the full article from

Kim Brendston wrote how the safety of skid steer operation depends upon the skill of its operator. As a further caution, each operator should go through the user manual of the machine he is about to operate. Read the full article by clicking the link above.

The arms on the rear end of skid steer loaders are called grapples. The grapples can be used in a number of different ways to serve various purposes. For more on this, click here.

Takeuchi deals with the Terex Corporation for providing eight new models of skid steer loaders with enhanced functions and abilities. For more, read the news article on

Smaller skid steers have been improved by incorporating features from bigger models in their line. The market is showing a steady growth, with the rising trend of rentals versus purchases. Read the full article from

Safety checks before starting a skid steer operation include checking all the safety features, reading the user manual, properly engaging seat belt, lap bar and the attachment added to the skid steer.

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