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Cold Planer | Blue Diamond

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Cold Planer | Blue Diamond

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High Torque, Excellent Visibility, Very Compact.

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Sale Price: $12,200.00
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Quality components from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub, featured in the high flow models, low flow models are direct drive, marks the beginning of this industrially engineered design, and one of the most reliable in our industry. The tooth design and pattern reduces vibration, while increasing productivity. Grade control is made easy with adjustable side runners, and tilt. Multiple widths are available from 12” and 16” for low flow and up  to 48” for high flow with a side shift of 26”.  Easy access for tooth replacement from our large access cover makes it easier, faster by up to 50% and safer.


12 inch to 48 inch grinding widths
6 inch and 8 inch depth cut
High drum weight equals less vibration
Largest drum access in the industry for changing teeth
Low flow models use hydraulic side shift with manual tilt and depth
High flow models have all the functions hydraulically operated
Independent side shoes for precise lap cuts on high-flow models
High-flow models feature high torque, planetary drive
Low-flow models are direct drive
5/8 inch thick drum tube
Electronic or manual controls
Water Kit available
Warranty: 1 year
Made in the USA


Removal of asphalt surfaces prior to overlay
Shoulder widening projects
Pothole repair
Restoring drainage near curb lines and catch basins
Mixing stabilizing agents into base for more durable repair

What makes our Cold Planer Best In Class:

Side Shift - side shift is a very important feature on a cold planer. Working alongside a curb is an issue faced by most any contractor and can be very frustrating when they are unable to get close enough. Our experience has shown that our cold planer has the most side shift off center in the industry giving you reach you need to get the job done right.

Drum supported on the opposing side from the motor. Our Cold Planer uses a premium load bearing opposite the motor side to support the drum. This is an obvious improvement over most competitors and keeps the machine running smooth and lengthens the life of the attachment.

Skid shoes versus roller wheels. Our experience with roller wheels is that due to the abrasive nature of the material they are in consistently, these last a very short time and then they become a nuisance.

Rocket fin teeth. These teeth turn as they cut and this provides longer tooth life by wearing the tooth consistently and also keeps the tooth from seizing in the holder. Longer tooth life and easier changing saves both time and money. The large access cover also makes tooth changes easier.

Model Cutting
Tilt Side
# of
12" Low Flow 12" 0-5" +-15 degrees 26" 30 15/2000 1220
16" Low Flow 16" 0-5" +-15 degrees 26" 38 15/2000 1250
16" High Flow 16" 0-6" +-15 degrees 26" 38 24/2000 1765
18" High Flow 18" 0-6" +-15 degrees 26" 40 24/2000 1805
24" High Flow 24" 0-6" +-13 degrees 26" 50 27/2000 1970
30" High Flow 30" 0-6" +-10 degrees 26" 60 30/2000 2155
40" High Flow 40" 0-6" +-8 degrees 26" 76 20/2750 2450
48" High Flow 48" 0-6" +-6 degrees 26" 90 30/3500 2685



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