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Extreme Duty Open Front Brush Cutter | Blue Diamond

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Extreme Duty Open Front Brush Cutter | Blue Diamond

Quick Overview

Cut up to 8" trees with this extreme attachment.
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Sale Price: $9,954.00
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The Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is exactly that - EXTREME! This commercial grade skid steer attachment has a unique deck design that allows for cutting up to 8" material at the ground level. Available for both high flow and low flow machines, this brush mower's technology requires just 16 gpm for it to run smoothly. This means most 50hp and larger skid steers can run this brush cutter with the same performance as a high flow machine. With a 3" forged drive spindle, this cutter offers the largest drive spindle in the industry. The added safety of the heavy duty push bar will keep cut trees and other debris from falling back on the operator. The double edged blades allows the operator to move move quicker saving time and money.  The open front is our most popular brush cutter due to the fact it can cut at ground level without raising the cutter.

Features Include:

All models (60" and 72") available for both low flow and high flow
3 Blades for 60"
4 Blades for 72"
Blades run 2.5" from ground
Bi-directional motor allows you to run the double edged blades in both directions
4 double edged blades
1" thick blade carrier
Very quiet and smooth running
Bearing Seal protection kit under deck
Cut up to 8" material easily
Raised back with rear chain curtain controls debris discharge - very important for cleaning out while cutting
Grease filled drive - no seal leaking
Dual crossover relief valves in motor
Drive Spindle connection to blade carrier has 10 bolts
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor warranty
Lifetime Warranty against breakage on spindle drive
Made in the USA

What Makes This Brush Cutter Better Than The Competition

4 blades (72” only) cuts bigger material (8"), cuts cleaner and mulches finer. Most competitors run 2 or 3

Does not require high flow (high flow is available) or need a case drain line. This means you are getting great performance for less.

10” deck clearance and drop down blades (versus straight blades). This is very important in cutting heavy grass and dense under growth. It allows the grass to stand taller while cutting and keeps the deck from plugging up. Most competitors run about an 8” deck clearance and many run straight blades (this makes a very tight area for all the brush to collect in).

Raised back on deck with a chain curtain. This allows the cut material to escape instead of being pulled along and accumulating. The chains also spread out the cut material for a nicer finished look.

3.5” forged drive spindle. Remains unbroken to date!

Grease filled drive versus oil. The direct drive bearings are packed in lithium grease that cools and protects far better than oil. A single cut in the seal of a bearing drive can have it seized in hours, a grease unit has a grease fitting and can run indefinitely with a bad seal.

External cross - port relief valves. Relieves motor before pressure can spike. Internal reliefs simply cannot act fast enough or flow enough across the ports to prevent spikes that shorten the life of the motor.

VIDEO: 72" Extreme Brush Cutter Running On High Flow Skid Steer

VIDEO: 72" Extreme Brush Cutter Running On High Flow Skid Steer

VIDEO: 72" Extreme Brush Cutter Running On Low Flow 23 GPM Skid Steer

VIDEO: 72" Extreme Brush Cutter Running On Low Flow 16.8 GPM Skid Steer

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