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Mini Skid Steer Augers & Bits

An auger attachment built for a mini skid steer isn't just a miniature version of it the larger heavier units. It’s built and engineered

just as rugged, only accommodating the weight and mount size of smaller skid steers or compact track loaders.

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heavy duty auger bit with cast head

Heavy Duty Auger Bit with Cast Head

$666.00 $632.70
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heavy duty tree planting auger bits

Heavy Duty Tree Planting Auger Bits

$1,161.00 $1,102.95
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heavy duty rock auger bit

Heavy Duty Rock Auger Bit

$1,304.00 $1,238.80
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variable auger bit extension

Variable Auger Bit Extension

$492.00 $467.40
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fixed auger bit extension

Fixed Auger Bit Extension

$321.00 $304.95
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auger bit adapters

Auger Bit Adapters

$360.00 $342.00
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stump planer auger bit | haugen

Stump Planer Auger Bit | Haugen

$1,550.00 $1,472.50

Using a Planetary drive will give the auger the reliability, and performance needed in the field. A planetary drive or gear system transfers power and is ideally suited for extreme conditions able to carry heavier loads, unlike a direct drive or chains. If you think it’s all Greek to you, then you are right.

The concept was invented by the Greeks around 500 BC. The auger bits are the same bits used by the larger machines with a two-inch hex head. It also takes into account the GPM or hydraulic flow engineering it to be as efficient as low as 6 GPM.