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Skid Steer Backhoe

Skid steer backhoe attachment is most commonly used for applications such as digging trenches, demolition work, transportation of light building

materials and equipment, digging up old pavement, and other excavation jobs. This unit will hook up to any universal mounted skid steer.

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backhoe attachment | blue diamond

Backhoe Attachment | Blue Diamond

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What you need to know before purchasing a backhoe attachment

The Rigid Backhoe attachment for your skid steer is a great tool for construction, landscaping, farming and more. Some things you need to learn when looking to add this attachment to your arsenal are the following; how large of a cylinder is used, how deep does the unit dig, and does the cylinder attach to a pivot point or right to the bucket? The cylinder is the power unit behind the digging force of the backhoe. The larger the cylinder the better the digging force. This has to be a perfect balance of engineering strength between the arm of the unit, the pivot points, the bucket and the cylinder. Going to large will compromise the equipment and going to low will not give the unit the strength to dig in rocky or clay conditions. The digging depth should be a large concern. 7 feet is the optimal digging depth. This will allow the operator to dig below the frost line in most cold climates. And lastly, look to see if the cylinder attaches directly to the bucket. If it does, this dramatically reduces breakout force. Breakout force is essential with this attachment. When the cylinder is attached to a pivot point, then to the bucket, it gives the backhoe the most breakout force.

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