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Skid Steer Booms & Jibs

Skid steer booms and Tele boom attachments come in handy in many different applications. They give your skid loader the extra lifting height to move transport trees or other equipment around the nursery or job site. Our solutions are addressed both to companies operating in the broadly defined economic sector and to private individuals. We can quickly deliver our quick-attach booms & jibs to customers throughout the country.

Right on time, ready to ease the work. Every style of boom offered comes with our standard universal style mounting plate, which allows you to quickly attach it to your skid steer or tractor. For our customers, we have special offers on selected items. Check our booms & jibs and choose the best attachment for your skid steer! Look at the picture, read the specifications, and click to add to the chart.

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fork slot truss jib | haugen

Fork Slot Truss Jib | Haugen

$3,004.00 $2,853.80
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fork mounted industrial jib | blue diamond

Fork Mounted Industrial Jib | Blue Diamond

$2,458.00 $2,335.10
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skid steer truss jib | haugen

Skid Steer Truss Jib | Haugen

$2,013.00 $1,912.35
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skid steer industrial jib | haugen

Skid Steer Industrial Jib | Haugen

$2,658.00 $2,525.10

Learn The Benefits Of A Lift Boom Attachment

Whether you are looking for a skid steer truss boom, telescopic boom attachment, or truss jib, you can trust all our equipment is Made In the USA. Having a way to extend the lift capacity or length of your skid steer using these attachments is a very important feature that can make your investment pay for itself. The Lift Boom attachment is a great tool for transporting nursery stock, unloading flatbed trailers, or lifting motors from vehicles. Truss booms are designed for a wide range of load placement applications, such as trees setting up rafters, placing items in truck boxes, etc.

Need a fully extended length and a greater skid steer operating capacity? Our Teleboom offers 7 different positions matching your need. This unit opens up to 97.25 inches and still has a 2000 lb capacity at that length. The skid steers Truss Jib is available in 6 feet, 9 feet, and 12 feet.

This attachment works great for lifting the truss joist, or moving and placing equipment up on scaffolding. To further define the use of these types of attachments, they are stamped with limitations. Please review the limitation of the lifting capacity of the skid steer you are using so that it is not pushed to the 'tipping weight'. 

Skid Steer Boom

This is a tool that you wish you had. If you are in construction and need to set trusses, the job is made more accessible, and you won't need to try to find one at a rental place. It easily lifts them into a position where your carpenter or framer can get at them safely. Remember also that your framer needs to be harnessed too for his safety.

The same goes for the steelworker, who can hold the beam upright into place until it can be secured or welded. If you're a landscaper and need to place larger trees, this solves your problem when it comes to transporting and setting them into the hole and holding it straight till it can be backfilled watered, and mulched. No need for an excavator with an attachment. Your skid steer will do. These Jibs and lift booms are quality engineered for safety. Please note all the specifications for lifting limits.

Reliable Skid Steer Tree Boom

If you are in the gardening business, landscaping, municipalities, setting pipes in tranches, lifting feed totes, or maintenance of public green spaces, this skid steer tree boom is exactly what you need. It has various features that will ease your job. Presented booms have a weight rating of 1500 lbs. It extends to reach 51" which gives a total attachment height of 71". It is more than enough to reach a tall tree, do the job in the scrapyard, or set a pipe in a deep trench.

Our skid steer truss boom is constructed with a hole for a chain or a strap to mount, so you can easily attach it to the tree or any other object. Being made of a heavy structural round tube makes it more resistant and durable. To assure you about the highest quality of our product, it is made in the USA and has a one-year warranty. We have a limited offer on this item, so don't hesitate, just click the link and shop now. Have any further questions? Contact our sales department at 1-866-315-3134.