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Mini skid steers or "mini loaders" are becoming more and more popular in the landscaping industry. They are much smaller in size than a regular skid loader but deliver outstanding performance on the job site. They are able to go where the larger skid loaders cannot. If you have a lot of trees or buildings in the area where you are working you will find the smaller size a great advantage over larger machines. They also tend to not tear up the turf as much as larger skid steers. These machines come in a few different versions; stand-up, sit-down, walk behind and even remote controlled.

More and more mini attachments are being developed for these machines. Some of the most popular attachments are mini skid steer brush cutter, pallet forks, root grapples, and augers. We also sell mini loader buckets ranging in size from 36 inches to 54 inches in width. These buckets come with or without teeth.

Before purchasing a mini skid steer attachment make sure you know your gallons per minute (GPM) and your lift capacity for your machine. This is crucial to know so you don’t buy too heavy of an attachment or an attachment that requires more flow than your machine is capable of.