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Skid Steer Trenchers

If you've ever had to install a length of pipe, or wiring, and did it by hand then you'll especially appreciate a skid steer trencher. This attachment

gives the operator the ability to dig a trench up to 48" deep and 12" wide for as long as one wishes, and as narrow as 4" wide and 36" deep.

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trencher | blue diamond

Trencher | Blue Diamond

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A feat not easily accomplished by hand, or a human back. the 48" bar will require a GPM hydraulic rate of 16-30 and the 36" bar will require a GPM hydraulic flow of 13-25.

The operator can also easily get near buildings or other barriers by use of the side shift. The dirt is neatly augered away from the trench to prevent the dirt from falling back, but close enough for quick and easy replacement. You'll need to know the type of soil you are trenching.

Most auger chains will offer multiple styles including; Rock, earth, and cup combinations for both conditions. This tool gives credibility to the contractor promising a neat and professional finish in a short time frame.