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Mini Skid Steer Snow Blower

We can all surely agree the mini skid steer is an essential piece of equipment for any construction business. With its use, any landscaping or construction

job can be accomplished more efficiently with less labor. But did you know you can also use the mini version of a skid steer in winter?

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mini snow blower | blue diamond

Mini Snow Blower | Blue Diamond

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Snow Blower Attachment For Mini Skid Steers

The mini hydraulic snowblower uses hydraulic power to gather large amounts of snow and throw it to the side. Efficiently removing snow from parking lots and clearing paths is now a piece of cake. However, it is worth remembering that only high-quality equipment can provide maximum performance.

That is why you should look at many important factors while choosing a compatible snow blower attachment. This includes, for example, appropriate hydraulic pressure from your mini skid steer to the attachment. It is also worth considering that full-size skid steers will need different mounting plates than the mini versions of these machines.

Mini Skid Steer Snow Blower From Blue Diamond

One of our flagship products in the mini skid steer category is the Blue Diamond snow blower attachment. A great feature of this unit is that it does not require shear pins for abrudt stops due to the high-pressure relief system. Safely use it to throw snow in any snow conditions. The Blue Diamond model comes with adjustable shoes for different surfaces.

We also carry snow blowers for full size machines. The mini units will not fit full size because the mounting plate is smaller (mini).  If  you have a full-size machine, we do have units available with the correct mounts.

High-Quality Snow Blower For All Applications

High-quality equipment at a reasonable price - is it not what we all dream of? These two important factors can only be delivered by a trusted and reliable supplier. offers not only durable and affordable mini hydraulic snowblower for your skid steer but also invaluable help with choosing the right attachment.

Contact us if you have questions regarding mini skid steer snow blowers or any other attachments. We are always happy to help our customers make the right choice.