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Excavator Augers and Bits

Mini Excavator augers do the same work as skid steer augers and are just as effective in getting the job done. Maybe more so do to the reach. There are a few keys in selecting the proper attachment for your mini excavator. First, you'll need to know the brand and model number. Armed with this information, check

for the GPM or Hydraulic Gallons Per Minute, Also check for operating weight, this is essential as you want to match your machine to the GPM and weight of the attachment. The last thing you need to confirm will be the type of mount system. as there are several based on your machine.

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heavy duty auger bit with cast head

Heavy Duty Auger Bit with Cast Head

$666.00 $632.70
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heavy duty tree planting auger bits

Heavy Duty Tree Planting Auger Bits

$1,161.00 $1,102.95
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heavy duty rock auger bit

Heavy Duty Rock Auger Bit

$1,304.00 $1,238.80
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variable auger bit extension

Variable Auger Bit Extension

$492.00 $467.40
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fixed auger bit extension

Fixed Auger Bit Extension

$321.00 $304.95
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auger bit adapters

Auger Bit Adapters

$360.00 $342.00
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stump planer auger bit | haugen

Stump Planer Auger Bit | Haugen

$1,550.00 $1,472.50