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Skid Steer Grapples offers several different skid steer grapple attachments to choose from. What is the best grapple for you? Well that would be depend on the application you would be using the grapple for. If you are looking to grapple

brush, trees or logs, a great choice would be the skid steer root grapple. If you are looking to do demoliton work, the skid steer grapple bucket would be best. If you need help choosing please contact us.

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rotating log grapple | blue diamond

Rotating Log Grapple | Blue Diamond

$4,515.00 $4,289.25
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grapple forks - adjustable | blue diamond

Grapple Forks - Adjustable | Blue Diamond

$3,485.00 $3,310.75
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mat grapple forks | blue diamond

Mat Grapple Forks | Blue Diamond

$4,994.00 $4,744.30
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grapple bucket - light duty | blue diamond

Grapple Bucket - Light Duty | Blue Diamond

$3,128.00 $2,971.60
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grapple bucket - heavy duty | blue diamond

Grapple Bucket - Heavy Duty | Blue Diamond

$3,939.00 $3,742.05
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grapple bucket - severe duty | blue diamond

Grapple Bucket - Severe Duty | Blue Diamond

$7,303.00 $6,572.70
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root grapple - light duty | blue diamond

Root Grapple - Light Duty | Blue Diamond

$3,635.00 $3,453.25
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root grapple - heavy duty | blue diamond

Root Grapple - Heavy Duty | Blue Diamond

$4,415.00 $4,194.25
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root grapple - severe duty | blue diamond

Root Grapple - Severe Duty | Blue Diamond

$6,820.00 $6,479.00
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grapple rake - heavy duty | blue diamond

Grapple Rake - Heavy Duty | Blue Diamond

$4,941.00 $4,693.95
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grapple rake - severe duty | blue diamond

Grapple Rake - Severe Duty | Blue Diamond

$7,008.00 $6,307.20
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round bale grapple | haugen

Round Bale Grapple | Haugen

$7,780.00 $7,391.00

When looking for a skid steer attachment, you should look for these key features to determine if the unit you are purchasing will fit the application. The cylinder is the most important piece of any grapple. Make sure the cylinder is large enough for the job you are performing. If the application is demolition or working in a scrapyard, you will want a larger cylinder that can be used in tough conditions for long periods of time. Another important feature is to have the cylinders covered. With new skid steers having increased rollback, the cylinder can become damaged.

Having your cylinders covered eliminates this from occurring. The pivot pins are also very important. Make sure the pivot pins equal the heaviness of the grapple. For instance, the Skid Steer Severe Duty Rock Grapple uses large 1.25" pivot pins. Another important feature to look for is where the hoses run. Are they in a pinch point? And lastly, make sure the grapple bucket or root grapple is built strong. This includes the skid steer mounting plate on the back.


Ever have a hamburger slip off your spatula into the fire? Everybody has that story to tell. Ever watch Fido try to corral a plastic ball. What that pooch wouldn't give to have opposable thumbs. Grapple attachments prevent your hamburger from slipping off. Fido could grab anything he wanted to run away with. Blue Diamond Grapple Attachments allow the skid steer operator to grab and not let fall through any number of targets, recycling, rocks, tree limbs, skid steer mats, roots, stumps, and yes manure. You can match a grapple to any number of buckets fitting the application and duty for which it is intended. They are at home in almost any industry from recycling to construction, landscaping, and demolition. They will be indispensable on the farm, and during forestry works.

Grapples allow you the flexibility to accomplish multiple tasks for both commercial use and weekend or occasional use. They are made available from Severe to light duty skid steer grapples. The wide range of skid steer grapple buckets enables you to fit the machine easily. Grapples will fit John Deere, Caterpillar, New Holland skid steers, and other machines with standard attachments for skid steer grapple.


Carry logs, large loads of brush, hay bales, and oversized items with your skid steer loader using the Grapple Forks from This Fork Grapple attachment is available in 2 different models. Choose from either 42-inch Class 2 Forks or 48 inches Class 2 forks, each able to handle up to 4000 lbs of carrying capacity. The heavy-duty forged, and heat-treated forks are 1 1/4-inch thick and 4-inches wide. The grapple opens up to 62 inches for large loads. It features greaseable wear points for easy maintenance. The dual cylinders will prevent twisting in the load. This attachment comes fully welded and powder painted black for durability and to keep the moisture out. Made in the USA.


Our Bobcat Grapple Buckets are some best engineered in the industry. Our full line of grapple buckets includes 14 different attachments to choose from. From mini Bobcat skid loaders to full-size T870 track loader, we have the grapple bucket that will work with your machine. All of our skid steer's grapple buckets are made right here in the USA with USA steel. Our grapple buckets include root-style grapple buckets, demolition grapple buckets, and rock grapple buckets. If you currently have a bucket that you would like to add a grapple attachment to, we offer a medium duty grapple that can be welded to your current bucket. Currently, we offer free shipping on all attachments. You can find ut more details by contacting us.


We carry several skid steer brush grapples for sale. Whether you are looking to clear brush and debris from your own property or you are a commercial logging company, we have the brush grapple attachment for you. Our grapples range from 38 inches in width all the way up to 84 inches in width. The size of the grapple you choose depends on your skid loader specifications and the application. All of our brush grapple attachments come with a 1-year warranty and are made right here in the USA. If you already have a bucket and wish to turn it into a grapple for moving brush, we also sell a single grapple that can be welded onto a bucket. For questions, please call toll-free 1-866-315-3134.


We offer skid steer grapple buckets for sale for virtually any application you and your loader may face. One of our most requested grapple buckets is our demolition series model. This grapple bucket attachment comes in 72, 78, or 84-inch models. This unit is engineered for larger machines. Great for applications such as recycling or demolition. We also offer a full line of rock-style grapple buckets. These units are available in 4 different sizes. All of our buckets come fully welded and powder-painted black for durability. All come with a 1-year warranty and free shipping. For questions, please call customer service.


If you are looking for a skid steer grapple for sale, look no further. We have 14 different models to choose from. All are made in the USA. All come with a full 1-year warranty. We stand behind our attachments. We offer skid steer grapples for mini skid steer all the way up to the largest track loaders. Whether you are looking to remove brush and debris from your property or you are a demolition contractor looking to take apart a building, our grapples will out-perform the competition. All of our grapples have been field-tested for many years and engineered to last. If you should have any questions, please feel free to call customer service.