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Skid Steer Bucket Options

Looking to give your bucket new life or use it for a digging application? Add a new weld on, or bolt on cutting edge to your bucket to extend its life. Or weld on teeth, turning your dirt bucket into a digging bucket for hard clay

applications. All weld on cutting edges can be cut to whatever length needed. All bolt on cutting edge holes are pre-drilled 6 inches on center and come with hardware.

Learn About The Different Bucket Options

Let’s talk about options for your skid steer bucket. Options expand the usefulness of your skid steer attachment and improve your return on investment. Options can also extend the life of your investment as well.

Most standard buckets come with pre-drilled holes in the bucket cutting edge, allowing the owner to add options such as bolt on cutting edges, rake tooth edges, or sidewalk cutting edges.

The single most popular option is the reversible  bolt on cutting edge. This option saves your bucket's cutting edge from wear and downtime. These bolt on cutting edges are double beveled so when one side is worn, you can reverse it and wear the other side. Once both sides are worn, simply replace it, and your bucket is as good as new. Be sure to check your bolt hole pattern, and bolt size. The industry standard is 6" on center and 3/4" plow bolt, but this could vary by manufacturer who may have a proprietary size and pattern.

Weld on edges are a wear item and typically used for maintenance,  Most any size can be custom cut to length with the exception of a weld on edge with holes. Check your bucket for 1/2" x 4", 1/2" x 6", 3/4" x 6", and 3/8" x 3". These cutting edges come single beveled, some with holes allowing for a bolt on edge now or at a later date.

You can temporarily make your current bucket a "tooth bucket". A “Bolt on Tooth bar” can be  built to fit the width of the edge of a bucket and bolted in place. Now your standard bucket is a digging bucket without the additional cost of owning a separate tooth bucket. A number of teeth will vary with length. Most teeth are the pin on style and are replaceable.  These bolt on tooth bars are also built for you mini machine owners as well.

Add capacity to your low profile skid steer bucket by adding a telescopic utility extension.  This option is a time saver and will allow a contractor to bid a job without buying a higher capacity bucket.

Options are a key to remaining profitable, and preventing downtime, getting you home sooner.

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