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Skid Steer Log Splitter offers a full line of skid steer log splitter attachments. Whether you have a compact skid steer or a larger loader we have a splitter for you. Choose between a horizontal-only, horizontal-vertical, or inverted upside-down unit. 

Every one of them has unique advantages. Some of our splitter attachments have different tonnage options to choose from. It is beneficial when you have a smaller machine to increase the cycle time.

Our most popular log splitter for a skid steer loader is the heavy-duty Inverted Blue Diamond, or Upside-Down Log Splitter. The Blue Diamond skid steer log splitters have 2 different wedge options. This unit allows the operator to quickly split wood while sitting down in the comfort of their cab. You do not have to manually load every log onto the log cradle. It not only is convenient but leverages the lifting power of the skid steer instead of your back!

Skid Steer Log Splitter Attachments

If you are looking for the best-engineered skid steer log splitters, we have just the unit for you. We offer free shipping and the best pricing on all our splitter attachments. Our Horizontal Skid Steer Wood Splitter is available in both 20 and 30-ton models. This skid steer attachment is operated outside the cab. Our Horizontal/Vertical Splitter is also available in 20 or 30-ton models. 

This heavy-duty splitter offers a vertical position when the weight of large logs is just too heavy to lift onto the horizontal splitter. The upside-down log splitter is operated from the cab of your skid steer. Just drive up to the log, maneuver the splitter over the top of the log, and split. 

All are available with an optional 4-way wedge. If you should have any questions about our skid steer wood splitter, feel free to call customer service at 1-866-315-3134.

Bobcat-Compatible Log Splitter

Turn your Bobcat or another brand skid steer into a powerful skid loader log splitter with our log splitter attachment. We offer three different models to choose from.

Every one of them comes with a one-year warranty. Split logs from the comfort of your cab with our 20 or 30-ton upside-down log splitter attachment. Just maneuver your skid steer splitter over the top of the log, apply splitting force, and split it.

When it comes to our horizontal and horizontal/vertical models, they are also available in either 20 or 30-ton units. Cycle time averages from 10-14 seconds, depending on the flow of your Bobcat or other brand skid steer. These perfectly built splitters are made right here in the USA.

Bobcat-Compatible Wood Splitter

If you are looking for any other skid steer attachment, you will be pleased to know that offers 3 separate Wood Splitters for sale that can be used with Bobcats or other brand full-size skid steers. 

A Horizontal, Horizontal Vertical, and Upside-Down wood splitter are all options. The Horizontal unit comes in either 20 or 30-ton models. An optional 4-way wedge can be added. 

If you have had any trouble with splitting large logs, The Horizontal Vertical wood splitter is perfect for splitting logs in either the horizontal position or the vertical position. This splitter also comes in either the 20 or 30-ton unit. The Upside-down Bobcat Compatible Wood Splitter is unique in that you do not have to leave the cab to split wood. 

From the comfort of your cab, just maneuver the splitter over the top of the log and split pine, cedar, or any other type of tree into logs that vary in length. You can also easily handle logs and move them around the yard. All splitters come with a full 1-year warranty. 

We are proud that all our units are made in the USA and made of American steel. This guarantees you the best quality and promises that the job will be done just right. If you should have any questions about our log splitters for skid steers, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-315-3134.