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Tractor Landscape Rakes

Remove debris from dirt to prepare sites for seeding with the Tractor 3 Point Landscape Rake Attachment by Blue Diamond Attachments. This is a contractor quality commercial

tractor landscape rake attachment to be used by landscapers and contractors alike. Also works well for spreading rock and stone.

Bobcat Landscape Rake

Our Bobcat Landscape Rake comes in 72 inch or 84-inch models. Available options include hydraulic angling and a pistol grip control harness. This attachment rakes stones and other debris to either side pushing them ahead for easy pickup while pulverizing and conditioning the soil for planting.

The landscape rake reduces the labor cost of doing this by hand. This Bobcat Landscape Rake features a direct drive motor, carbide teeth, solid tires, and a universal skid steer mounting plate. We also offer land planes to smooth and prepare the surface. Feel free to call customer surface for any questions you may have.