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Skid Steer Sod Rollers

A "Sod Roller" skid steer attachment is typically used for commercial applications for landscapers and lawn specialists. Sod is heavy and when considering a

36" or 42" wide x 85' long roll of sod it can weigh up to 1200 lbs depending on the moisture content of the sod. Thus the reason for this attachment.

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sod roller | blue diamond

Sod Roller | Blue Diamond

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Setup and Use

After proper site leveling and preparation the operator or installer will need to determine the direction, forward or reverse, he wants to install, depending on the conditions, operator skill, and site line of his machine. The dispensing of sod can be done in either orientation. Using the wider longer rolls is not only more cost effective using less labor, but it seriously reduces seams and edges causing issues created by the smaller 2ft x 5ft rolls. Once the pinning is complete and the housekeeping is done the rest is up to mother nature, or a good sprinkler system.