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Skid Steer Cold Planers

The Skid Steer Cold Planer attachment by Blue Diamond is the perfect tool to use to remove concrete or asphalt for repair or replacement applications.

Several different models are available depending on the width of the application and hydraulic flow of your machine.

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cold planer - low flow | blue diamond

Cold Planer - Low Flow | Blue Diamond

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cold planer - high flow | blue diamond

Cold Planer - High Flow | Blue Diamond

$27,186.00 $24,467.40

Widths range from 12 inches all the way up to 48 inches. These units are specifically designed for easy access to the drum for easily changing out teeth. Comes with a full 1 year warranty and is completely manufactured in the USA.

Skid Steer Cold Planer

Skid Steer Cold Planers can be a crucial part of the pavement milling process. is proud to offer you a powerful, industrially-engineered Cold Planer to help your skid steer level asphalt. We have 11 different models available to you that range in flow from the 12-inch low flow, all the way up to 48-inch high flow. Our Cold Planer is made in the U.S.A. and is backed by our one year warranty. Our cold planer offers easy grade control through adjustable side runners. Quality components like the Sauer piston motor and the Fairfield planetary hub featured in the high flow models or direct drive on the low-flow models, make this industrial grade design one of the most reliable in our industry.