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Skid Steer Vibratory Roller

The Vibratory Roller attachment or compactor is used in the construction industry and is available in 4 different models. These models

either come in 72 inches or 84-inch widths to match the width of your loader and are available in smooth or pad foot drum options.

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vibratory roller | blue diamond

Vibratory Roller | Blue Diamond

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The pad foot drum is for fill dirt, it packs better, it doesn’t work as well with gravel and areas you want a smooth surface, that application calls for a smooth drum. All models come standard with a universal quick attach mount. This attachment comes standard with a knockdown blade. The knockdown blade works with how much you tilt the attachment to knock down the high spots. The blade is stationary and is integrated into the roller frame. This machine has a hydraulically powered exciter system that is lubricated by an oil mist design. A low operating temperature gives it the industry's lowest rate of bearing and seal failures. The Blue Diamond vibratory rollers or compactors are engineered to be very low maintenance keeping you and your machine on the job.