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Skid Steer Rototiller

A rototiller attachment allows the skid steer owner to put his or her skid steer to work in the garden, or in anyplace you need to work up or break up new

ground using a heavy duty bi-directional Rototiller. This is the type of attachment that gives you one more reason to be happy you have a skid steer. 

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rototiller | blue diamond

Rototiller | Blue Diamond

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The rototiller attachment will till your ground up to 6” deep and work in either direction, giving you standard rotating tines or counter rotating tines. This depth is typically recommended for seed bed preparation and proper root growth. You will need to think about the width of your tiller, 68" -76" so you are cultivating outside the width of your machine including the width of the tires. These units come with universal skid steer mounts and ready to go. Please also note that your machine will need a minimum of 15 GPM or hydraulic gallons per minute, giving you all of the power you need to operate this unit effectively. We are happy to help with any of your questions regarding the machine you have.