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Tractor Augers and Bits

Drill fence post holes in the ground quickly using the Tractor Extreme Duty Auger Attachment by Blue Diamond. This Earth Auger is available in several different options depending on your tractors

auxiliary gallons per minute (GPM). We offer several width earth auger bits to choose from along with different styles depending on ground conditions.

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auger - extreme duty | blue diamond

Auger - Extreme Duty | Blue Diamond

$4,009.00 $3,808.55
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heavy duty auger bit with cast head

Heavy Duty Auger Bit with Cast Head

$666.00 $632.70
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heavy duty tree planting auger bits

Heavy Duty Tree Planting Auger Bits

$1,161.00 $1,102.95
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heavy duty rock auger bit

Heavy Duty Rock Auger Bit

$1,304.00 $1,238.80
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variable auger bit extension

Variable Auger Bit Extension

$902.00 $856.90
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fixed auger bit extension

Fixed Auger Bit Extension

$710.00 $674.50
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auger bit adapters

Auger Bit Adapters

$354.00 $336.30