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Skid Steer Feed Pusher

The Feed Pusher is a must for any farm or feedlot. The Feed Pusher has a height of 19 inches and a width of 96 inches. It is fully constructed

of steel and has 16 different angle adjustments. Features a 1.50-inch x 10-inch adjustable and reversible full rubber cutting edge.

livestock feed pusher | berlon

Livestock Feed Pusher | Berlon
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Both sides of the edge can be used, so when one side of the edge gets worn down the operator can simply reverse it for continued use. Whether in a large dairy barn, heifer stalls, or anywhere you need to keep grain or feed in front of your animals, this is a very cost effective attachment, especially where accessible labor is a bit of a challenge.

Includes 8-inch moldboard that extends past the tires of the skid steer to prevent driving over the feed. This attachment comes standard with our universal mounting plate and sight guide. Other plates are available.