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Skid Steer Breaker Hammers

It took 5 years of research and development to create and bring to market our skid steer hydraulic breaker attachment. We took every suggestion from our customers into consideration and

came up with the best concrete breaker in the category. We proudly work with U.S. craftsmanship, design, and components to offer the best breaker around.

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skid steer breaker hammer | blue diamond

Skid Steer Breaker Hammer | Blue Diamond

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Every hydraulic hammer comes with an industry-best 3-year warranty. Features of this attachment include only 2 internal moving parts (fewer moving parts, fewer problems & easy repairs), no re-gassing needed. We offer 8 different models to choose from whether your flow is only 6.6 GPM or all the way up to 34.6 GPM, we have just the breaker for you. Call customer support with any questions.

Skid Steer Concrete Breaker

Turn the back-breaking work of breaking up concrete or other materials into a breeze with the combined power of your Skid Steer and our Hydraulic Concrete Breaker. Three sizes are available so the right tool for the job is just a click away. Every size lists all the specifications so you can easily choose the best tool for your application.

The simple yet effective design has only two moving parts. Advanced shock-absorbing polymers minimize the wear and tear on your machine and reduce noise levels. These Hydraulic Breaker Attachments are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are backed by our three-year warranty. Let our hard-hitting Hydraulic Breaker tackle your concrete, rock, or asphalt-breaking jobs and any other demolition task on your construction site.

Skid Steer Breaker Hammer proudly offers the powerful hydraulic hammer by Blue Diamond Attachments. It’s the type of tool that’s designed to turn skid steers into unstoppable machines. They simply have it all - cutting-edge design, simplicity of use, reliability, and ease of setup. Our skid steer breaker hammer comes in three models.

Depending on your skid steer, you can choose the hydraulic hammer model with appropriate features, such as maximum frequency and oil flow, energy class, weight, and more. The real hit is the newest technology featuring operation with oil actuation. It significantly decreases the maintenance your machine needs. It also does not need any re-gassing or flow and pressure checks. Additionally, the sleeves that protect the Monoblock design significantly reduce the cost of repair in the event of damage. - Purchase Your Hydraulic Hammer at a Trusted Supplier

Tired of buying cheap but low-quality equipment? Search no more! offers you a fair price for our quality skid steer attachments. We only sell items made in the USA and of American steel. Just reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members and get information about the best deal we can offer you.