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Telehandler & Forklift Attachments

NEW! We have now added a full line of telehandler attachments to our line of attachment offerings. Each attachment is made right here in the United States with all welded American steel by Haugen Attachments. Some of our popular telehandler attachments include work platforms,

buckets, forks, and trash hoppers. Our Haugen Industrial work platforms meet or exceed ANSI/OSHA standards. Each attachment is backed with a one year warranty. If you should have any questions about any of our attachments feel free to call customer service. 

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A telehandler is a unique piece of equipment using a telescopic boom to reach places standard skid steers, or forklifts can't reach. It is sometimes referred to as a boom lift. These machines are customarily used to move, and position loads using forks, and are a favorite in the construction industry. Because of its ability to get around on a job site and place loads where most can't, it's job description has expanded to include work platforms for getting workers safely to hard to reach overhead places where they can perform any number of maintenance and repair tasks, or light construction. These work platforms are OSHA compliant, but workers are required to use "fall protection". The versatility of the teleboom feature allows for the placement of trusses using a truss jib attachment. The many attachments for a telehandler are typically designed to fit over forks, making the changeover from one option to the next quick and easy. Other attachments can be employed using a matching telehandler brand mounting plate.