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Skid Steer Power Rakes

The "Soil Conditioner" attachment, is, as the name implies. It conditions the soil. Meaning it cultivates up to 4" deep, breaking up sod pulverizing the soil, eliminating clumps, separating rocks, and the 10" counter-rotating drum with carbide tungsten teeth driven by a direct drive motor,

pushes soil ahead filling in low spots and knocking down high spots. You can move it in all directions. The result will be a seedbed with fewer passes ready to go.

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power rake - standard duty | blue diamond


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power rake - heavy duty | blue diamond

Power Rake - Heavy Duty | Blue Diamond

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power rake - extreme duty | blue diamond

Power Rake - Extreme Duty | Blue Diamond

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power rake - severe duty | blue diamond

Power Rake - Severe Duty | Blue Diamond

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There are a few options you might consider. Hydraulic angling will rake stones and debris to the side. A floating connection allows soil conditioners to float with the landscape, allowing for a more natural contour. Typically, you can do this in one pass forward, imagine the savings of a one-man operation.

Your compact track loader should have a GPM or Hydraulic gallons per minute of 15-33 to operate the power rake effectively, like a Harley. Rake Soil Conditioner should have a width that will at least cover the entire width of your skid steer, including the tracks or wheels. With extra skid shoes, you can increase load capacity. Before purchase, always check the limitations of your skid steer loader, like rated operating capacity.

Skid Steer Rake

The Skid Steer power rake attachment and Landscape Rake Attachment, two of our most competitive models, pulverize dirt up to 4 inches deep. The power rake for skid steer loaders is available in 72 or 84-inch sizes. It allows you to rake rocks and other debris to the side of the front while tilling, so they're separated from the soil for easy pickup.

We include the Universal Skid Steer Mount to attach it to most skid steers. The skid steer attachments come with standard features like the 10" counter-rotating drum with heavy-duty tungsten-carbide teeth. With solid rubber tires and a direct drive motor, this sturdy skid steer attachment will help power through even heavily compacted soil. These units are made in the U.S.A. and supported by our 1-year warranty.

Landscape Power Rake Attachment

Here at, we offer the best-engineered landscape power rake for sale at the best price. This equipment is a must for your farm and business. For a limited time, our customers can purchase this attachment with a free shipment. This attachment works perfectly for landscapers looking to clear soil from rock and other debris while conditioning the soil for seeding.

These landscape power rake attachments pulverize the dirt and replace it with soil. Easily adjust the rake from inside the cab with the use of the optional pistol grip control harness. This allows you to push the rock and debris to one side or the other. This attachment will save time and money over doing this job manually. For any support, please call customer service.

Soil Conditioner Attachment – Application And Results

Your power raking attachment will serve many applications. First, it will help you deal with uneven ground surfaces. The attachment has tungsten-carbide teeth that will easily break up sod, clods of soil, and other debris. The attachment can easily handle many soil types.

However, we do not recommend using the attachment after rain, when the soil is wet and clayey. This type of soil can build up on the blades, causing trouble and making it difficult for the operator to work. Power Rack for skid steer will be indispensable equipment in work on a farm. It is a great machine to use when you need to get your fallow land into shape for cultivation. You only need one skid steer operator to do this.

What can you expect from the skid steer power rack? After using the skid steer, you will have a smooth finish ready for sowing grass, cereals, or other crops. Do you want an even lawn without mulches or holes? The skid steer power rack will quickly level the surface of your garden. Just sow new grass and enjoy the results. Have more questions? Call us at 1-866-315-3134. For our customers, we have a limited-time free shipping offer. Check out our products and equip your skid steer with us!