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Skid Steer Bale Spears

Bale spears attachments for your skid steer or compact tractor, make the awkward handling of hay bales, whether round or square, a very easy task. Simply drive the spears into

the bale of hay and lift the boom arms of your machine. Then transport and dump the load. These attachments hook up to any machine with a universal style mount. 

Best Applications For Bale Spears

Our Skid Steer Bail Spears handle the awkward task of moving large round or square hay bales depending on which type you choose. In addition to the option of square or round bales, you can select the tine styles that properly support the right amount of weight. Once you've picked up your bale, the next step will dictate which set up you need too. Whether the carriage setup will be used to dump the bales into a bale feeder, TMR mixer, or tub grinder, we can help. Our bale spear for square bales comes with the universal mounting plate. The lower tine measures 32.4 inches. This is usually perfect for accident prevention since it typically doesn't allow the tines to stick out of the other side of the bale. Both style spears are made in the U.S.A. and backed by our 1-year warranty.