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Standard Duty Pallet Forks 4,000 lb Rated | Rock Solid

standard duty pallet forks 4,000 lb rated | rock solid
standard duty pallet forks 4,000 lb rated | rock solid
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Introducing the latest Rock Solid Pallet Forks, featuring a convenient bolt-on backrest and side step for enhanced functionality. With the bolt-on backrest, you can utilize the pallet forks with the full brick guard or detach it for low-profile applications. The interchangeable side step can be easily mounted on either side of the pallet fork frame. Available in lengths of 42" and 48", these forks boast a sturdy 4,000 lbs. rating, ensuring reliable performance in various lifting tasks.

Model Weight
Class 2 42" Tines 355 lbs.
Class 2 48" Tines 370 lbs.


  • Adjustable fork spread range from 10" to 45" outside.
  • Forged forks meeting ISO2328 and ISA 2330 standards, ensuring robustness and durability.
  • Assembled dimensions for 48” forks: Width 50”, Length 57”, Height 34”.