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How to Foam Fill Tires on a Skid Steer

Pneumatic tires have been around since the invention of - well, the wheel!  Pneumatic tires offer a lot of advantages including flexibility, comfortable ride, compatibility with over-the-tire tracks and a comparatively low price point.  Pneumatic tires are also easy to work with in terms of wearing out and replacements.  New pneumatics can be put right onto the existing wheels with no special tools - as long as you’ve kept them air filled.

The big downside of air filled pneumatic skid steer tires is the vulnerability to going flat.  That leads some folks to foam fill their pneumatic skid steer tires.  Foam filling is not always the ideal solution, but for some, it’s a better option than pneumatics.

What happens to the tire filled with foam

The essential idea is that the urethane based foam replaces the air in the tire, offering a solid, puncture and flat-proof tire.  The foam comes in pressurized cans with straw-like applicators.  Most of the time these straws can be fit into the valve stem of the tire.  The tire is then filled with the foam, allowed to harden, and then the tires can be run as usual.  There are a few noteworthy cons. The tires no longer flex as much as when they are air filled and consequently they won’t have as much traction either.  Once you wear down the tires, the wheels are essentially junk, and you have to start all over again.

Foam filling your tires does also add some weight to them.  This can be good or bad, depending on your situation, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

Other option of choosing tire for skid steer

Another option for getting free of dealing with flats is to move no flat solid skid steer tires with aperture holes.  Solid tires give you the right tread pattern, and excellent traction and longevity.  They will cost a fair amount more.

With everything considered, you choose what works best for you! Check out more about our skid steer tires or feel free to call 866-315-3134