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Safety Checks Before Starting a Skid Steer Operation

Skid Steers are four wheel machines with independent movement of the wheels on the left and right side. These machines serve a wide range of purposes and are considered a necessity to have on any construction site. It can be used for evacuating a place, for loading and carrying heavy objects like wooden logs, earth and sand. They have two arms at the back called the grapples. They are used for clutching and grabbing objects and can also be used upside down for carrying more payload than in normal operation.

Skid steer loaders require a well trained professional operator to ensure safety at the worksite. No matter how experienced an operator is, he must be familiar with the user manual of the particular machine he is going to operate. Then engage the seat belt and the lap bar before beginning work. Check all the safety functions to make sure that they are in proper condition. The flexibility option of adding many kinds of attachments and tools with the skid steer loader has also increased the factor of risk. Each time a new attachment is used, make sure that it is properly engaged.

Although skid steers are safe machines, they can tip over easily. Try to understand the terrain on which you are moving the loader, the capacity of the engine of your skid steer and the kind of load your machine is carrying. You wouldn’t want higher obstructions like power lines and trees to hit the arms of your skid steer, so watch out. In short, skid steers are wonderful machines but make sure you do your safety check thoroughly to ensure your own safety and that of those around you.

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