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Skid Steer Concrete Attachments - A Step Forward

Concrete skid steer attachments require strength and durability like no other. These attachments need to be built to deal with the daily pounding of working in severe cold or heat while breaking up and transporting concrete, 12-15 hours a day. In most cases such as roadwork, time is of the essence. The attachments offers are built for all these conditions. Whether you're breaking up concrete to fix a water main with the Skid Steer Hydraulic Breaker Hammer attachment in the middle of winter or milling down curb with the Skid Steer Cold Planer, these attachments will prove themselves over and over again.

Concrete Attachments - a step forward

The concrete industry is a labor intense vocation. A lot of back breaking lifting, and reaching. It's no secret then that skid steers have been an almost indispensable piece of equipment for that industry since day one. Today more skid steer attachments have been added to make that industry more efficient, and safer for employees.

In bygone days the mason and tender would break out old concrete with a sledgehammer, or a jackhammer. A lot of difficult manual labor. Enter the newest design Blue Diamond breaker hammer attachment and Blue Diamond concrete wedge bucket. No need for an industrial size compressor and hose to operate, and muscle around a heavy awkward jackhammer, and keep your sledgehammer in the truck. The concrete wedge bucket allows the breaker hammer to break concrete into larger pieces for easier pickup and job housekeeping. the wedge bucket also makes the removal of old sidewalk a "go to" attachment. Next, in the process, a competent operator, using a skid steer Blue Diamond Concrete Dispensing Bucket attachment will do the work of several men with wheelbarrows while dispensing concrete where and as needed with fewer trips.

Skid Seer Blue Diamond Cold Planer or milling machine with surface widths of 12" to 48" has also made blacktop and concrete replacement and repair affordable for smaller contractors who couldn't afford larger industrial cold planers. Additionally, These units are suited best where there is limited space. They can mill the surface for leveling, repairing, or complete removal. Please Note: Here at we support and recommend the use of Personal Protective Equipment including; hearing protection, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses or goggles, and hi-visibility vest if available. In Milling or cold planing concrete, you will have airborne dust which might include silica so consider a particulate respirator or dust mask.