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What To Consider When Ordering A Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

The Mini Excavator Brush Cutter has become a very popular attachment. This excavator attachment has come in to high demand due to its reach in applications such as mowing around retention ponds, or in roadside ditches. One of our customers said it best, "It just becomes a safety issue when trying to use any other type of brush cutter in steep applications or where you could even sink your skid steer."

When thinking about purchasing a brush cutter for your mini excavator there are several things to consider.

1. What is the carrying capacity of your machine at full reach?
2. What is the auxillary flow of your mini excavator?
3. What is the total flow of all hydraulic pumps?
4. Can I mount this to my machine?

These are the main questions you have to have answered in order to pick the correct model brush cutter for your mini excavator.

Carrying Capacity at full reach:

36" Cutter needs a minimum operating weight of 6,000 lbs.
42" Cutter needs a minimum operating weight of 7,000 lbs.
50" Cutter needs a minimum operating weight of 12,000 lbs.

Auxillary flow:

50" Cutter / 4.9 Motor / 13-20 GPM
50" Cutter / 6.0 Motor / 17-23 GPM
42" Cutter / 4.9 Motor / 13-23 GPM
36" Cutter / 4.9 Motor / 13-23 GPM

**Some mini excavators don't meet the minimum flow requirements but may still be able to run this cutter. Also, for larger machines that have more than 23 GPM, it is possible to restrict the flow for safe operating. Call with any questions.

Total flow of all hydraulic pumps:

This total flow of all hydraulic pumps should be almost double the auxillary pump. This is important as the amount of hydraulic flow is not drastically reduced when operating other functions such as the arm.


We carry all major brands mounts.

Overall the mini excavator brush cutter attachment is one tool that you will want to have. Call today to get yours!