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2 Things Customers Always Ask & Are Looking For When Buying A Skid Steer Bucket

Questions #1: How much does weigh? Heavy is good right?

The short answer is heavy is not good!! It takes away from lift capacity of the machine. The better question to ask is how is the skid steer bucket reinforced? Gussets & reinforcements are better & do not weigh as much. Look for where the gussets are placed (like in the back of the bucket) so the machine does not tear off the mount.

Manufacturers often use theoretical weight. This means a perfect sheet thickness (which never happens with steel companies that sell by the pound - they make more money when they charge for perfect sheet thickness when the sheet is actually thinner). Many bucket manufacturers do the same thing, but worse, they sell buckets using theoretical weight & figure in the scrap, because they know you will never weigh the bucket. The good news is we here at, use actual weights not theoretical weights.

Questions #2: What is the capacity?

In most applications, more capacity is better. The more material you can move with one load the more fuel and time you save. Two definitions you need to know first before you measure. What is heaped capacity and struck capacity? The heaped capacity of a bucket is the volume of material, which it will haul when the load is heaped above the top and sides. The struck capacity of a bucket is the volume of material which it will haul when it is filled level to the top of and the sides of the bucket. To compare cubic feet and heaped capacity of buckets use the following formulas:


1. Measure from the top of the bucket straight down to the floor in inches = Height
2. Height x Depth / 2 x Length = Cubic Inches / 1728 = Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet)


For Low Profile Buckets, Low Profile Extended Lip Buckets, Economy Buckets
Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet) / 3 = Heaped Amount + Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet) = Heaped Capacity

For Utilty Buckets, Utilty High Back Buckets, Snow Light Material Buckets, Feed and Manure Buckets, Extreme Duty Buckets
Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet) / 2.5 = Heaped Amount + Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet) = Heaped Capacity

If you have any questions about the skid steer buckets we offer and what the weight and capacities are of these buckets please call customer service or chat us up online.

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