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Heavy Equipment Operator - What is Your Environmental Responsibility?

What is your “environmental responsibility” when excavating or starting a construction project? Well the first thing you’ll want to do is call before you dig or start to move dirt and secure the proper permits. You’ll need to check with Federal, state and local authorities. We also discussed safety in the past, and doing a site survey is also an important part of your overall project. Know the terrain and environment surrounding your project as well as the type of soil, and any climate considerations.

Ok, so now you have the permits in your hand and are ready to start. Let me tell you that you are responsible for making sure environment regulations are met. If you fail to do that you could be facing a fine or civil penalty of up to $27,500 per day and a criminal penalty of up to $250,000 and 15 years in the lock up. This is just the federal EPA version of, “who’s responsible for what’s going on here”? The State and your local authorities may have regulations that could be more stringent, maybe not as costly but I can assure you that they will reach into your pocket as well. For those of you who figure that “getting forgiveness is easier than getting permission” you may have listened to the wrong person.

What you need to consider:

-Local, State, Federal regulations, and Permits

-Site survey, and prep work

-Storm water runoff

-Dredged and fill materials

-Solid and hazardous wastes

-What If I have a spill?

-Threatened or Endangered Species



-Proper Equipment, and refueling

So for the casual observer and the sidewalk superintendent it all looks like fun, and would they ever like to try their hand at that piece of equipment. Little do they know. For more information visit and don’t be afraid to make that phone call, it could mean the difference in a profitable project or one that could cost you your business.