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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

How much does tree removal cost?  The only honest answer is “It depends!” The cost to remove a tree or trees will vary based on a number of factors.  Tree removal costs fluctuate based on the location of the tree.  By location, we mean is it on a commercial property or a residential property?  What geographical region is it in? Also, how close is the tree to buildings, powerlines and other potential obstructions.

What makes tree removal more complicated

The type, size and condition of the tree also can dictate the cost to remove it.  Trees that are prone to large, invasive root systems can be more labor intensive and of course, more costly to remove. Of course being near gas pipes, buried cables and other underground installations, can complicate the removal of the tree.

Trees that are in tight areas that only allow for smaller sized tree removal equipment can also make the job more time consuming and drive up your price for the removal.  Excessively large trees or hard woods take more time than smaller, softer trees, so that changes pricing.

Supply and demand comes into play as well.  Areas that have more tree removal companies nearby offer more competition and drive costs down.  If fewer tree services operate in your area, contractors can name their price.  In busier seasons, and in the wake of storms and tornadoes, or even an abundance of tree-destroying invasive species, pricing can increase.  Need a rush job?  Prepare your pocketbook, because holiday and weekend hours or extended hours to complete a tree removal in a hurry, can increase your cost.

What should be the major questions about tree removal

Is the ground frozen?  Is it clay?  Or is it silty & sandy, allowing for easier removal?  Are you having multiple trees removed all at once?  Are you having the tree removal service mulch the material?

Bottom line, you’ll want to know what you need and how soon you’ll need it, and get yourself multiple quotes to be sure you have the best offers available.  Or, if all else fails & you’ve got lots of trees to remove, get your own tree shears, tree grubber, and tree puller.  While you’re at it, log splitters that attach to your skid steer are a great way to get more out of your skid steer and put less pressure on yourself!

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