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How to measure skid loader tires

So you need a new set of tires for your skid steer and don’t know which size you need. The typical skid steer tire comes in 4 different sizes. However this varies depending on if the tire is a pneumatic air filled skid steer tires or solid skid steer tire.

How to read tire sizes for a skid steers

First, let’s go over the air filled skid steer tires. The four common air filled tires are 10.5-15, 10x16.5, 12x16.5, and 14x17.5. The first number is the section width of the tire. The second number is the rim (wheel) size. For example if you take the 12x16.5 tire, the width or top tread area of the tire is going to be 12” wide, and the rim (wheel) size this tire would fit on would be 16.5” rim. Sometimes there are more than 2 numbers. For instance 27x10.5-15, the first number in this sequence would be the height of the tire, the second number would be the width, and the third would be the rim size.

If you are looking for solid rubber tires for your skid steer, the most common sizes are 30x10-16, 33x12-20, 33x12-16, and 36.5x12-20. They are measured the same as pneumatic in which the first number is the height, second number is the width, and third being the rim size. The 30x10-16 is equivalent of the 10x16.5 pneumatic tire, the 33x12-20 and 33x12-16 are equivalent to the 12x16.5 pneumatic tire, and the 36.5x12-20 is equivalent to the 14x17.5 pneumatic tire. Solid no flat tires and pneumatic tires are interchangeable.
Other specifications you should know about when purchasing skid steer tires are the load rating of the tire compared to the machine they are going on, and ply rating or how thick the tire rubber is. Generally speaking, the thicker the ply of the tire, the more heavy duty the tire.

Overall, if you are working in general dirt applications or on concrete or asphalt, both the air filled pneumatic and solid not flat tires work and are equally effective. However if you are working in areas or applications such as scrap yards, recycling centers, or where sharp material is on the ground I would recommend going with a solid no flat skid steer tire.

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