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How to operate a Bobcat Skid Loader

Operating a Bobcat Skid Steer is an incredibly useful skill to have. The operation of each individual Bobcat will vary somewhat, but there are basic principles to follow that will hold true all the time.

The operation of Bobcats or any skid steers will depend upon the task being done as well as the attachments used in those individual tasks.

Bobcats offer the option to work via hand and foot controls or joystick type controls on some models. How many different operators will be using the Bobcat will influence your determination somewhat, however, of the two options, joystick controls do tend to be more popular.

There are many other optional features that will impact how you’ll use your Bobcat. Some Bobcat models offer the upgrade to add a higher speed package as well. This is a package that allows you to speed up during moving back and forth on longer distances.

Many newer Bobcats have the touch display option with tons of benefits, such as individualized operator statistics, unique operator codes and safety lock-out features that ensure security on the jobsite - even when you need to walk away for a moment.

Whether or not your Bobcat has an enclosed cab will of course have an impact on temperature controls. Also, Bobcats offer lighting accessories and packages that will allow for greater visibility as you work.

Bobcats come in a ton of sizes, and every skid steer operator needs to know their operating weight, tipping weight and width over tires/tracks. Depending on the model & size of Bobcat, visibility can vary as well, so always be sure to familiarize yourself with any blind spots or potential safety hazards that are unique to the style of your particular Bobcat.

You’ll want to know your GPM rating as well, so you’ll have a good sense for which attachments you can efficiently operate with your specific Bobcat model. Above all, practice makes perfect! Spending time in your Bobcat, perfecting your command of the controls is the best way to become a great Bobcat operator.