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The Real Jack of All trades - The Skid Steer

People say that the skid steer is the jack of all trades when it comes to heavy equipment, due to the number of jobs that it can do. On its own, the skid steers are functional to be used for a variety of jobs. However, because they can be installed with different skid steer attachments, the number of jobs that the skid steer is capable of handling is even bigger.

Keith Gribbins even compared the skid steer to the movie Transformers in which the robots can transform into different vehicles in his article “Skid Steers Are the Stars of the Compact Equipment Tool Carrier Category.” Although they aren’t quite like the robots in the film, skid steers can also transform. Just by installing a different skid steer attachment, its function will vary greatly. If you need to drill a hole in the ground, then a skid steer auger attachment is all that’s needed. With so many different attachments available, a skid steer can transform from one machine to another in an instant.

Another example of an attachment that can be installed on a skid steer is the skid steer snow pusher. In the article “Skid Steer Meets Box Plow,” Matthew Price says that a skid steer can become an ice pusher that is capable of getting rid of large amounts of snow on the road or anywhere. This will be very useful during the winter season.

Clearly, the skid steer is the jack of all trades in the heavy equipment world. If there is such a thing as the king of jack of all trades, then the skid steer is one of the best candidates for that title.

Example of transforming: