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Frost and Freezing - Break Out Force

“Break out Force” sounds like the title in a movie. So what exactly is break out force? It can be a complicated explanation concerning pivot points, circuits, and lift arms based on SAE standards. How does this number affect you or why should this number even concern you? Well it does give you the ability to know your machine, and it’s limits, a little better. If you are shopping for a machine ask the question about operating weights and break out Force, including tipping weight.. In simple terms break out force is the amount of force (measured in pounds) generated by curling your bucket against a static force, with no brakes applied, to lift the rear of your machine. So it’s all about the geometry of the lifting mechanism, in relationship to the hydraulic system.

When you’re working in a cold environment you’ll need to be aware of the ground conditions. Is the ground frozen? How deep is the frost line? Here in Wisconsin it can get to 40” Now match that to the capabilities of your machine including the breakout force. Your other concern should be the attachment you’re using. Is the skid steer mounting plate system heavy enough to prevent damage to the bucket or the attachment. If when you’re using a skid steer tooth bucket and you can’t seem to get through, or in the event that the rear of the machine is being lifted, you might consider using a heavier machine or a different piece of equipment to get through the frozen layer. Then get back to your more versatile smaller unit. This was the advice given to me from a long time street foreman, Marty, in Little Chute WI. Where cold and freezing, is just another day. Make sure you are also using the appropriate attachment for example: a severe duty vs. standard duty skid steer tooth bucket, or skid steer severe duty stump bucket and matching heavy duty mounting brackets especially if your machine is in excess of 60HP. If you’re using an Skid Steer Auger attachment make sure the skid steer auger bit matches the conditions as well. In difficult including frozen ground, heavy clay, fractured rock or asphalt choose a Heavy Duty Auger Bit with Cast Head.

Of course this information is centered around your skid steer use in colder climates but the same can be said of any environment regarding your conditions and the correct and safe application of your equipment.

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