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How to Weld On A Replacement Bucket Cutting Edge Or Weld On Teeth

Welding Instructions for Replacement Cutting Edge and Weld-On Teeth

1. In cutting out the old cutting edge, be certain that the area to be welded is clean and free of all slag. On the new cutting edge, be sure that the fit as snug as possible.
2. Preheat the cutting edge 300 to 400 degrees. Preheat the area to be welded for to six inches from the weld area. We recommend Tempile stick 400 to be used. Then tack weld one inch on six inch centers.
3. Stagger welding; 12" on one end, 12" opposite end, back to the center. Continue staggering as job proceeds to prevent stress.
4. All weld should be put in a fillet weld manner. (Fillet weld; overlapping of weld passes in long, straight passes)


No weld pass should be wider than 2 1/2 times the diameter of your welding rod. This is to prevent trapping slag. Each pass should be cleaned of slag before proceeding with the next.

5. Be certain that the weld area has normal air cooling.

Recommended Equipment

1. Arc-Air or Carbon Arc for cutting or holes. Welding equipment, preferably DC.
2. Recommended welding rod; low hydrogen electrodes such as Airco 7018 or equivalent. (AWS specification applies)

Teeth Adapter and Components:

We recommend that the same identical procedure be utilized in the welding on of adapters or any other components on the cutting edge.

If the above is followed you will have little to or no effect on the heat treat that is in the product.

Credit for these instructions go to: Blue Diamond Attachments