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Skid Steer Metal OTT Tracks Vs Rubber OTT Tracks (Over the Tire Tracks)

Spring is here and so is the mud. Wet, muddy conditions make for difficult farming, construction, excavation, or landscaping work to commence forward. These conditions are especially frustrating if you are relying on your skid steer as a primary tool to work in the fields, dig trenches, or any other spring time application. The best solution for this is our Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks. Turn your skid steer into a compact track machine in less the 30 minutes. We offer both Skid Steer Rubber Over Tire Tracks, and Skid Steer Metal Over The Tire Tracks.

Both styles give you excellent flotation to power through mud and get the job done. So you are probably asking, which style of Skid Steer OTT Tracks is best for me? Well we generally say this, if you do not plan to be driving on pavement much or black top, go with the metal over tire tracks. These tracks will sometimes mark pavement or black top, but will not tear it up. By going the route of Metal Over Tire Tracks, you can plan on saving almost 50% the cost of Rubber over tire tracks. The other good thing about Skid Steer Metal OTT tracks is that each link is replaceable. This way if a link fails over time you can just replace that link without replacing the entire track.

Rubber Over Tire Tracks are generally better for applications where you would be driving more over concrete or asphalt more often or for longer period of times. They will give you a smoother ride over asphalt or concrete and will not mark the surface.

Either option is perfect for spring time conditions. Either option can be quickly installed on your machine, and both wear excellent over time. If you have any questions about Over The Tire Tracks please feel free to call 866-315-3134.