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Learn which tree removal attachments work best for your application

Every attachment you need to process the trimming, removal and or clearing an area of anything that would remind you that a tree once lived there. Tree or shrub removal, or trimming if for just one or several, can now be accomplished with your skid steer.

If tree removal using a skid steer tree shear attachment, shearing trees up to 20" in diameter near ground level, We would recommend a track style machine or a conventional skid steer retrofit with a set track over tires whether steel or rubber. This will get you the flotation you would need especially in soft or wet conditions. If you're cleaning up your property or are looking to remove, or transplant shrubs or smaller diameter trees using a tree scoop attachment, then any loader with the proper operating weight and Hydraulic GPM should do the trick. Once a tree has been removed or trimmed by a tree shear attachment, or by other means, it can be processed by cutting and splitting into firewood and turning the small trim into mulch by use of a skid steer mulcher. Stump removal is also made easier by the use of a skid steer stump grinding attachment, Blue Diamond offers us new technology and updated efficiency, or the smaller stumps can be removed by a skid steer stump bucket. Care of your woodlot or smaller property is environmentally, and morally the right thing to do. Everyone can be an environmentalist and good steward by the proper use, and care of the land. These attachments are designed to help you do just that.

Learn which tree removal attachments work best for your application

The Forestry Industry by OSHA  definition is one of the most dangerous industries to be involved in. The terrain is rough, uneven and at times unstable. One must be prepared to deal with not just the job site but also any type of weather; rain, snow, extreme cold, lightning. Consider the momentum of a falling tree.

This skid steer equipment is designed to aid in the maintenance and accessibility of your woodlot or grounds. Making stumps disappear with a stump grinder after shearing trees with a tree shear and turning them into chips for use as mulch or cutting and splitting for use as firewood with a skid steer log splitter.  You can remove and transplant or trench using the tree scoop. Use your skid steer root grapple to remove debris or use your Skid Steer Material spreader to seed a newly created lane cleared by a 6-way skid steer dozer blade attachment.

The attachments are for both the experienced operator or for the novice and the weekender blazing some trails through their recreational property. But all should be aware of the significant risk for the improper or negligent use of this equipment. The key is to understand your machine and to know its limitations. We can help you with that.

Additionally before going out there;

*Inspect your machine,
*Do a site survey
*Have a plan and communicate them to a partner who knows where you are, when and for how long.