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Skid Steer Tires Solid Dura-Flex With Wheel and Tire Assembly

Skid Steer Tires Solid Dura-Flex With Wheel and Tire Assembly

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Skid steer solid tires available in sizes 30x10-16, 33x12-20, 33x12-16 and 36.5x12x20. See specifications.

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Sale Price: $550.00
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No flats. No Downtime. No Problems. By reducing tire replacement costs and downtime, you will reduce your overall cost-per-hour. These Dura-Flex tires provide up to three-times the tread depth of regular pneumatic and foam-filled tires. Combined with our proprietary rubber compound, these solid skid steer tires can last up to five times longer than pneumatic and foam-filled tires. These tires are engineered for heavy loads while still providing a much smoother, cushioned ride than pneumatic or foam filled tires. All sizes come standard with wheel and tire assembly included.

These tires were originally designed for the mining industry with a mining rubber compound. Why is that good you ask? Well these tires are designed to run 24 hours a day, in high heat, and rough terrain. So you can rest assure you are getting the best quality solid tire on the market. Typically we are seeing 3000-4000 hours of run time from these tires, although this number varies greatly depending on driver skill and application.

Warranty: 1200 hours or 1 year, whichever comes first.

A common question we often get is this, what is the difference between the 33x12-20 and the 33x12-16? The answer is that the rim on the 33x12-20 is taller than the rim on the 33x12-16. The overall tire height of the 33x12-20 and 33x12-16 is the same. With the rim being larger on the 33x12-20, the rubber of the tire is not as thick as the 33x12-16.

Sizes / Specifications:

Replaces Pneumatic Tire 10x16.5 12x16.5 12x16.5 14x17.5
Tread Pattern
All-Purpose All-Purpose All-Purpose All-Purpose
Tread Depth (inch)
2.20 1.57 2.28 2.95
Tread Depth at Safety Line (inch)
2.50 2.28 3.00 3.57
Diameter (inch)
30.2 32.9 32.3 36.0
Width (inch)
9.44 10.71 11.30 12.00
Rubber Thickness (inch)
7.10 6.43 8.15 8.17
Weight (lbs)
195.8 288.9 275 354
Max Load Capacity (lbs)
4,850 7,700 8,270 12,320
Wheel Width (inch)
6.0 7.5 8.0 7.5
Wheel Diameter (inch)
16.0 20 16 20
Wheel Backspacing (inch)
3.9 4.6 5.7 4.6
Bolt Holes
8 8 8 8

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