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Skid Steer Snow Buckets - Built Right!

Many attachment companies claim to fabricate a long lasting snow bucket, so how do our skid steer snow buckets set us apart from them? The best snow buckets are light but durable. The best snow buckets stand up over time to the constant scraping, heavy loads, and abrasion from salt. All of these conditions were put to the test when choosing the best snow bucket for our customers.

For starters our skid loader snow buckets are fully welded and fabricated with 3/16" American Made Steel. The bucket is then reinforced with reinforcement tube across the back of the bucket. The bucket is then doubly reinforced with 3 wear bars welded to the bottom of the bucket. The 3 wear bars also give the bucket added protection from scraping surfaces such as concrete when pushing snow or dirt. A radius kick out plate is welded into the back of the bucket. This serves two purposes. It gives the bucket added strength. It also allows for easy clean out of material such as wet snow. The bucket comes with a 3/4" x 6" weld on cutting edge with holes made from high carbon schedule 1060 steel. The cutting edge bends around the edges of the bucket to reinforce the corners, and gives the bucket a heavy wear strip for scraping along curbs. The holes spaced 6" on center allow you to add an optional bolt on cutting edge. Lastly, we add the skid steer universal mounting plate tested to support up to 3000 lbs.

All of the reasons stated above make our skid steer snow bucket a superior choice over the competition. If you should have any other questions please call (866) 315-3134 or email us at