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Do You Need Skid Steer Training?

Skid steers may be a little smaller than bulldozers or backhoe loaders, but they can still be just as dangerous as heavy equipment. If an operator is not careful when inside a skid steer, he/she can cause serious bodily injury and/or property damage. Skid steers have enough power to be used for destruction if an operator wants; they are agile as well as strong and need to be taken seriously.

Many skid steer related accidents have already happened in different places; this is why different skid steer associations require operators to undergo training. There are many benefits involved in increased skid training. For example, a trained skid steer operator will be less likely to make errors when operating the machine. Training will also help keep the skid steer, operator, and everything around the skid steer safe from any accidents. These benefits are exactly what people expect when they hear about skid steer training, but what most people do not realize is that there are more benefits in skid steer training than safety. According to the article “Skid Steer Training – Another Important Skill,” getting trained will also give the operator better chances of getting a higher-paying job. Companies recognize and prefer skid steer operators who have gone through extensive training, and will offer a larger salary than what is offered to one who just learned how to operate a skid steer from his uncle Bob.

Safety is a very big issue in skid steer operations; this is why JCB has released new skid steer models in the market. According to the article “New Generation skid steers offer unique safety features” the 17 new skid steers will have new safety features, which are unlike any skid steer that has been available in the past. With the release of the modern JCB skid steers, that claim to be the safest on the market, there are people that will will not need as much training since the skid steers are safer.  However, not all companies are going to be able to change to the new JCB models. Furthermore, even with the brand new JCB skid steers, companies will still choose skid steer operators with proper training.

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